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Small update :O as always xD

Disney was EPIC, as expected.MIke got me lots of cute Donald DUck stuffs :D. We are considering Disney as a wedding location in the future. Because we are both 5 year olds at heart :D <3

Still saving for moving. Hope for us to have a nice apartment by early Spring :D. Been sleeping like a CRAZY woman since I got back. it's like I get back from work and all I want to do is sleep! Even the gym has been really draining me. I'm wondering if it's the new birth control I'm taking? New brand = messing you up for 3 months x.x so maybe that's it. At least the other side effects have been very mild, if any. I am cell phone less ;-;. My phone broke about a week before Disney. I hope to have a new one by this week.

oh yeah, and winter and I don't agree D:. X_____x.....

I think that's about it? Oh, thinking about skipping out on AUSA... I'd like to see Kaya live but it seems like a waste of monies to make such a long trip by car, pay hotel and bla bla just for an hour concert :x. Meh. if it were GLAY that's a whole nother story xD.

Plastic Tree's new single is really pretty <3. Ok, time for work :D

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[ mood | bouncy ]

~_~ looks like I've changed my cosplay for AUSA AGAIN, but at least this time my sweetie is cosplaynig with me :3. it's kinda cool to see Mike all into cosplay again ^-^. Looks like Alto and Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier it is <3

Sometimes I think I pick cosplays that are way over my skill level. I get this I'M SUPERWOMAN kind of feeling and feel like I can do anything. But in reality, I still have a heeeell of a lot to learn. I need to stop comparing... especially when it comes to a certain someone that wanted to steal a certain someone from moi >.>... You've got to learn how to let go and move on and enjoy what you do. And really, I love wearing blonde wigs ;P

Speaking of enjoying what you do, time to get back to Dissidia! (the DP system is HARD o.O)


R.I.P. [Aug.9th★4:47pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

I had other things to update about, but right now, I would like to say may you rest in peace, Jasmine Yuu. It was sincerely both an honor and a pleasure to have met and worked with you.


This tree never withers... [Mar.11th★11:20pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So Buchi has announced that he is leaving Plastic Tree... I am saddened, very saddened. When I started to listen to Plastic Tree, they still had their old drummer that I didn't like...and then he left and Buchi came in and I felt he was such a PERFECT fit. He quickly came to be loved by many fans. And now he's leaving. Whatever reasons he might have, fans should respect. And I wish him nothing but the best of luck in whatever he ends up doing. As for Plastic Tree, they said they are going to continue as a band and said "this tree never withers" <3. I'm never going to loose faith in them and I am sure they will continue to be successful. It wont be the same without Buchi, but it will be a different sort of awesome, none the less <3.

As for me, Mike and I are leaving for PR in less than a week and haven't even decided on what I'm bringing with me D;. oh noes D:.......*goes back to Playing Luminous Arc while Mike plays Star Ocean*.

By the way, I've decided to add one more cosplay for Anime Boston. Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV. HAWT and is addicted to her cell phone >D. I love her xD

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Plastic Tree interview update [Jun.22nd★6:38pm]
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info on where to go to log into lsiten to my Plastic Tree interview next Thursday :3333 GO CHECK NOW :D:D:DDD

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Sososo [Jun.5th★10:06pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Sososo!! I'm sorry I haven't replied to comments ;-; I really don't get much time online T_T I will soon though!! I'M STILL ON A HIGH FROM MEETING MY HERO <3 so yeah xD Um...what else..went to Laforet harajuku and Marui Youngin Shijuku...got myself an awesome outfit at Putumayo x3 I told myself that if I got anything, it would either be Baby TSST or Putumayo *o*....so yes :3...The Angelo concert was reaking amazing!! Probably the second best concert I've ever been to (MUCC at ota still being the first). it was funny when Kohta saw this random gaijin in the 3rd row xD he had to make a double take haha xD I'm like^^;;;; *waves* it was amusing xD I'min Osaka now ^^ Going to Osaka castle with Ryota (yes, it was kinda ackward seeing him, but we ate ramen an all was good haha xD) Shota and the gang <3 seeing Kiwamu soon, going to Fu~Ki's bar this Saturday >D...so far, ltos of fun <3

I miss my Boston peeps though ;-;...my roomates, Mike ;o;...

I think...I'd really like living here though >.>......

The end D:

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FInally [Jun.2nd★10:03am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I met him....HIM....I mean THEM yes...but...
.............HIM....my inspiration in life, in what I do. My hero...I finally met Arimura Ryutaro fo Plastic Tree *o*....OMG...I still cant' beleive it *o* the interview went super well although you probably won't get a full report until I get back home but OMG...They were both sooo nice! Tadashi arrived first, then Ryutaro and omg the gifts *o* We weren't expecting anything but their manager is os sweet OMG *o* I heart her x3. They were amazing. we were with them for almost 3 hours. Ryutaro and I pink promised ot see each other again (the pinky promise was his idea >_O) there will be photos and the interview on our website. I shall let you all know when that will be. Seems like their management has been keeping an eye on our activities >_O so that'sa good thing. they want us to keep in touc and to work together again. Their faces when they got the Cure T shirts OMG XDDD I thought they would jump out of their chairs lol xDDDD. And when I gave them the Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me original 2 vynil set...that was ...their reaction...I don't think I'd ever made anyone that happy with a gift lol. (our grouppic has Tadashi holding it D it was their idea ^^;;;). They were like...it was just too cute (can you tell I'm a bit lost for words here?) I have the new CD already >D autographs, yadda yadda. Amazing. they are super polite, sweet, friendly as heck. I'm sper overwhelmed, happy...just...I feel so HAPPY *o*.......

yes...Ryutaro is even more handsome in person *o*.......I love him so much ToT..............

Full report soon...OMG *CRIES* I feel so lucky ;o;....

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o.O; [Feb.13th★9:41pm]
Um...ok. First, I'll be with internet for a few days starting either tomorrow, Thursday or Friday, I don't even know X_x it's being changed over to my name (Mari moved back to Puerto Rico today ;o;) so they have to disconect and reconect -.- go figure. But yeah, jsut figure I'd let you guys know :o

And 2, I think I'm going to get Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the gameboy advance...you see, I ahve the DS Harvest Moon, but if you use your GBA cartridge while using your DS one, people from Mineral Town will visit you plus other cool suprises! So I think I'll get it soon *nods* although I'm in no rush...I still haven't even bought a cow in the freakin' game =_=. So yeah :o...tomorrow is cleaning and rearranging day (I don't celebrate Vday much, romantically. I do it more for teh friendship thing ^^. Althoguh Roger is getting a little soemthing ni the mail ^^<3) So yeah :O Happy Heart Day to all ^^.
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Friends Only [Oct.31st★9:16pm]
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This journal is 100% FRIENDS ONLY. I apolagize but I'm extremely careful when it comes to adding other livejournal users :/ leave me a message if you wish and I'll see what I can do <3
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