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Um...ok. First, I'll be with internet for a few days starting either tomorrow, Thursday or Friday, I don't even know X_x it's being changed over to my name (Mari moved back to Puerto Rico today ;o;) so they have to disconect and reconect -.- go figure. But yeah, jsut figure I'd let you guys know :o

And 2, I think I'm going to get Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the gameboy advance...you see, I ahve the DS Harvest Moon, but if you use your GBA cartridge while using your DS one, people from Mineral Town will visit you plus other cool suprises! So I think I'll get it soon *nods* although I'm in no rush...I still haven't even bought a cow in the freakin' game =_=. So yeah :o...tomorrow is cleaning and rearranging day (I don't celebrate Vday much, romantically. I do it more for teh friendship thing ^^. Althoguh Roger is getting a little soemthing ni the mail ^^<3) So yeah :O Happy Heart Day to all ^^.
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Yeeyyy for Harvest Moon! XD I love it <3
it's so freaking addicting *o*....which Harvest Moon do you have? :3

Have fun at katsu! Take care of Roger for me :D And SOMEONE please get me hayato's autograph and picture ;o;.....
Yesss it is so addicting! XD I have Harvest Moon for N64, PSX, PS2, and the two for Gamecube. (A Wonderful Life and Magical Melody) The PSX Harvest Moon is my favorite! :D (Back to Nature) And yes, we'll take care of Roger. XD And we will get you Hayato's autograph and picture. XDDD <3

I'm happy for Mari...but sad for you at the same time ^_^;;; I know you're going to miss her! But at least we can be happy for her that she's doing what she wants to do, ne?

Yeah..it's like, I come home from PR already all emo and thinking that I should move back and then she leaves 2 days alter...it's like NOW I really feel on my own, ya know? But I've gotta be strong >O! I've come this far, so I cant' turn back ne? ^^ But yeah, I'm very happy for her ^^. I can't wait to hear abotu all of the recordings she'll be doing! Plus she's coming back in may for the Japan trip, so I'll see her again soon ^^.

BTW, did I mention my kitty Cleo LOVES the rubber ducky? XD! <333
Happy V Day!!! I haven't played Harvest Moon but I have played Animal Crossing. 8D