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Sososo!! I'm sorry I haven't replied to comments ;-; I really don't get much time online T_T I will soon though!! I'M STILL ON A HIGH FROM MEETING MY HERO <3 so yeah xD Um...what else..went to Laforet harajuku and Marui Youngin Shijuku...got myself an awesome outfit at Putumayo x3 I told myself that if I got anything, it would either be Baby TSST or Putumayo *o*....so yes :3...The Angelo concert was reaking amazing!! Probably the second best concert I've ever been to (MUCC at ota still being the first). it was funny when Kohta saw this random gaijin in the 3rd row xD he had to make a double take haha xD I'm like^^;;;; *waves* it was amusing xD I'min Osaka now ^^ Going to Osaka castle with Ryota (yes, it was kinda ackward seeing him, but we ate ramen an all was good haha xD) Shota and the gang <3 seeing Kiwamu soon, going to Fu~Ki's bar this Saturday >D...so far, ltos of fun <3

I miss my Boston peeps though ;-;...my roomates, Mike ;o;...

I think...I'd really like living here though >.>......

The end D:
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