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This tree never withers...

So Buchi has announced that he is leaving Plastic Tree... I am saddened, very saddened. When I started to listen to Plastic Tree, they still had their old drummer that I didn't like...and then he left and Buchi came in and I felt he was such a PERFECT fit. He quickly came to be loved by many fans. And now he's leaving. Whatever reasons he might have, fans should respect. And I wish him nothing but the best of luck in whatever he ends up doing. As for Plastic Tree, they said they are going to continue as a band and said "this tree never withers" <3. I'm never going to loose faith in them and I am sure they will continue to be successful. It wont be the same without Buchi, but it will be a different sort of awesome, none the less <3.

As for me, Mike and I are leaving for PR in less than a week and haven't even decided on what I'm bringing with me D;. oh noes D:.......*goes back to Playing Luminous Arc while Mike plays Star Ocean*.

By the way, I've decided to add one more cosplay for Anime Boston. Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV. HAWT and is addicted to her cell phone >D. I love her xD
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