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Small update :O as always xD

Disney was EPIC, as expected.MIke got me lots of cute Donald DUck stuffs :D. We are considering Disney as a wedding location in the future. Because we are both 5 year olds at heart :D <3

Still saving for moving. Hope for us to have a nice apartment by early Spring :D. Been sleeping like a CRAZY woman since I got back. it's like I get back from work and all I want to do is sleep! Even the gym has been really draining me. I'm wondering if it's the new birth control I'm taking? New brand = messing you up for 3 months x.x so maybe that's it. At least the other side effects have been very mild, if any. I am cell phone less ;-;. My phone broke about a week before Disney. I hope to have a new one by this week.

oh yeah, and winter and I don't agree D:. X_____x.....

I think that's about it? Oh, thinking about skipping out on AUSA... I'd like to see Kaya live but it seems like a waste of monies to make such a long trip by car, pay hotel and bla bla just for an hour concert :x. Meh. if it were GLAY that's a whole nother story xD.

Plastic Tree's new single is really pretty <3. Ok, time for work :D
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