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Friends Only

This journal is 100% FRIENDS ONLY. I apolagize but I'm extremely careful when it comes to adding other livejournal users :/ leave me a message if you wish and I'll see what I can do <3
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Just letting you know that I added you, okay? ._.
You have been added as well Lainie ^-^ <3
sorry for taking so long to add you, Nani, but I totally forgot that you got another journal!!! T_T

So I've added you now, of course!! I posted recent pictures of Alana that you should go see ^___^
it's ok it's ok! you're added <3 and I saw the ones on your myspace! SOOO CUTE! Missa showed me lots too! She's beautiful <3
Psst... your hot ^.~

*POUNCE!* <3333333333333 added :3
Believe or not, justing adding you now... Because, I'm always on top of things like that.
lol, that's fine ^^; *adds you*
Oh hey Nancy. Sorry for not adding you back sooner. Well... I have now! hehe. See you around~
May I add you?
Hey! I just added you for the heck of it. Please note I don't make any posts anymore.